Tuition is always due the first week of every calendar month. Tuition remains the same regardless of the amount of weeks in the month or holidays. Payments can be made to Ballet Now by mail, or deposited in the envelope slot in the dance studio's office. Late payments are subject to a $5.00 fine. Late fees are assessed after the 15th.

Payment Options

Cash and checks are accepted. We also offer an online payment option via PayPal for those who prefer. Online payments will include a 2-3% surcharge. Please select your option below:

Monthly Tuition

Registration Fee

Recital Fee

Costume Fees

  • Teaches music appreciation.
  • Encourages grace, creative and artistic expression.
  • Promotes fitness and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Performing teaches organization and responsibility.
  • Improves posture, coordination, rhythm, and memory.
  • Develops poise and the ability to perform easily in front of others.

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