About Ballet Now

Dress Requirements

All girls must have black leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers. Pink Pointe shoes are required for the Pointe class when a student is ready to begin that work. No jewelry or watches. (Small, non-dangling earrings are permitted) Hair should be pulled back neatly from the face and secured. At the Beginning-Intermediate level on up, ballet buns must be worn.


Tuition is always due the first week of every calendar month. Tuition remains the same regardless of the amount of weeks in the month or holidays. Payments can be made to Ballet Now by mail, or deposited in the envelope slot in the dance studio's office. Late payments are subject to a $5.00 fine. Late fees are assessed after the 15th.

Our Facility

Ballet Now is proud to have a professional floating floor, (4-layer) oak wood floor, a floor especially made for dancing. This cushioned floor protects the dancer's legs and backs, eliminating injuries. We also have a parent's viewing room which has two-way windows.

School Policy

  • Observation of classes is allowed and encouraged
  • Excessive tardiness will result in student not being permitted to take class… missing the warm up could result in injury. Excessive absenteeism will result in your child not being able to perform in recitals.
  • The school is not responsible for personal property.
  • No smoking is permitted inside of the school.
  • Students are not permitted to chew gum inside the studio.
  • Your child should be picked up on time after class. We cannot be responsible to care for your children outside of class.
  • Communication is important, and conferences with teachers and students are welcomed with a parent or guardian present.
  • Classes will be held unless you are otherwise contacted. If we cancel a class due to snow, we will offer a separate make-up class.
  • Ballet Now reserves the right to refuse classes to anyone.
  • Teaches music appreciation.
  • Encourages grace, creative and artistic expression.
  • Promotes fitness and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Performing teaches organization and responsibility.
  • Improves posture, coordination, rhythm, and memory.
  • Develops poise and the ability to perform easily in front of others.

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